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Nolan Associates is a geology and hydrogeology consulting firm based in Santa Cruz, California. We provide a full range of geologic consulting services with an emphasis on geologic hazards evaluations, engineering geologic investigations, coastal geology, and groundwater resource studies.
    Our specific areas of technical expertise include:
    • geologic hazard mapping
    • geologic hazard analysis for private development and for environmental impact reports
    • landslide stability analysis, slope instrumentation and landslide repair
    • groundwater supply investigations
    • hydrologic studies
    • forensic studies and expert witness testimony for geologic and groundwater issues
    • fault hazard and fault activity studies
    • seismic safety and geotechnical components for specific and general plans
    • seismic risk assessments
    • coastal geologic studies
    • erosion control
    • foundation/soils investigations
    • environmental site assessments.
    • GIS based data compilation and map analysis

Nolan Associates expertise has been gained principally on projects in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions, but the firm's resume includes projects throughout California, the western United States, and abroad. Nolan Associates combines the highest standards in technical investigation with timeliness and cost effective project management to provide services tailored to each client's specific needs.

Nolan Associates currently carries $2,000,000 in general and professional liability insurance with client co-insured riders available, meeting the needs of most municipal, county, and commercial clients.

Jeffrey Nolan, Principal Geologist at Nolan Associates, is directly involved in the technical direction of all projects undertaken by the firm. Mr. Nolan has thirty years experience in geologic consulting, with twenty four of those years involved in practice in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions. Mr. Nolan holds a Master's degree in geology and is a California state registered geologist and certified engineering geologist since 1988.

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